Dr. Allison Kolpas

Dr. Allison Kolpas

Associate Professor and Assistant Chair

Office: 25 University Avenue, Room 106
Phone: (610)-430-4964
E-mail: Dr. Allison Kolpas


Fall 2016:

  • MAT 103 (Introduction to Mathematics), Section 01
  • MAT 145 (Calculus for the Life Sciences), Sections 01 & 02


Area: Mathematical Biology

Topics: (1) modeling self-organized swarms (2) modeling macroinvertebrate dispersal, (3) analyzing the swimming capabilities of animals, and (4) modeling optimal mating strategies in snails.


RUI: A theoretical and empirical investigation of optimal mating strategies in a hermaphrodite

PIs: Josh Auld (biology, WCUPA) and Allison Kolpas (mathematics,WCUPA)

July 1, 2014-June 30, 2017.

RUI: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation of Optimal Mating Strategies in a Hermaphrodite

WCU undergraduate student researchers: Corin Stratton (mathematics), Nicole Bishop (biology)

Publications: under construction