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Important LARC Information


If you are looking to set up a weekly, recurring session for tutoring for Fall 2022, visit our virtual registration room below Monday-Fridays 9am-3pm to text with a LARC staff member. You can also visit us in-person. The first day to sign-up for weekly tutoring for Fall 2022 is Tuesday, August 30th.

Summer Tutor zoom links

Students are able to make individual appointments for Summer 2022 virtual tutoring on WC Online starting Monday, May 23rd at 9am.


Summer 2022 Information

  • The LARC will offer virtual tutoring sessions for Summer 2022.
  • The first day of tutoring is Tuesday, May 31st. 
  • Students can make appointments using starting Monday, May 23rd at 9am. 
  • The LARC will offer tutoring for the following courses For Summer I: 
    • ACC 201/202, BIO 100/210/214/259, CHE 103/104/107/230/231, CSC 110/113/141, ECO 111/112/251/351, FIN 325, MAT 101/10/103/113/121/143/145/151/161/162/261, PHI 180, PHY 130/140/170, SPA 101/201.
  • Stay posted for updates on Summer Session II. 
  • Any question regards to tutoring should be directed to Dr. Kaitlyn Machcinski at KMACHCINSKI@WCUPA.EDU.

Fall 2022 Information

  • The LARC will offer both in-person and virtual tutoring sessions for Fall 2022. While we encourage the use of masks, they are optional at this time. 
  • All in-person sessions will take place in 224 Lawrence (except Music, which will be in Swope Music Library). 
  • Tutor Registration for Weekly, Recurring Sessions will open on Tuesday, August 30th and be open until November 18th.  Success Coaching will be available in-person or online starting Monday, August 29th. 
  • Any question regards to tutoring should be directed to Dr. Kaitlyn Machcinski at KMACHCINSKI@WCUPA.EDU.
  • Any question regards to success coaching or Academic Success Workshops should be directed to Dr. Rita-Patel Eng at RPATELENG@WCUPA.EDU.  

Cancellation & No Show Guidelines

  • Students are responsible for canceling their own appointments. All students can cancel an individual appointment by logging onto WC Online
  • Students can cancel up to 30-minutes in advance. Anything less than 30-minute notice will be considered a "no-show." 
  • If a student has three "no-shows" (aka three missed appointments), there WC Online account will be locked. As long as they are not in the same course, a LARC staff member will notify the student and unlock the account. 
  • If a student misses three sessions of the SAME COURSE (e.g. three BIO 110 sessions), the rest of the schedule will be cancelled and a students account will remain locked. 
  • We at the LARC try to provide flexibility to students by allowing cancellations up to 30-minutes in advance. We prefer that students stay home if they are feeling ill. If an emergency arises (e.g. illness that required a doctor's visit, car accident, funeral, etc.), please reach out to LARC staff and discuss having the appointment cancelled after the fact. 

What are students saying about our tutors?

  • "Clara is good at explaining the concepts in a different manner that makes them easier to understand and remember."
  • "[Niajah] she knows what she is talking about. She is able to demonstrate lessons and how things work in [biology] on the whiteboard, and high makes it easier to understand."
  • "[Lindsay's] strengths [are] being able to explain step by step how to complete chem math equations. She was great and I was able to be successful in the course due to her."
  • "[Samantha] is great with connecting the Spanish language to relate to our life today which makes it a lot more relatable and easy to understand ."
  • "Kelsey’s greatest strengths include patience and being an easy person to communicate with; overall, someone who knows how to “teach” / make sense of a problem in a simpler way."
  • "[Austin]  is always willing to help, and is very flexible. Also, he helped me receive a better grade in the class by teaching the material and breaking it down."
  • "Liz listens very well and aids in any math problem and makes it easy to learn."
  • "[Ethan's] greatest strength [is] giving real life examples and making complex topics so much easier to comprehend. We covered a lot of good information"

*All quotes taken from Fall 2021 anonymous tutor evaluation surveys. 


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