Registration: Non-Degree Undergraduate

Students should apply as an Undergraduate Non-Degree Student if:

  • Registering for courses defined by a 499 number or below
  • Currently attending high school or are a current/former college student taking undergraduate level courses
  • Have an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree and intend on taking undergraduate level courses
  • Participating in the International/National Student Exchange Program or have been accepted into a Pre-Graduate Certificate Program.

All questions regarding the Undergraduate Non-Degree program can be directed to the Registrar’s Office by calling 610-436-3541 or

e-mailing Undergraduate Non-Degree.


For more information on our non-degree program, please select one of the options listed below.

I have been accepted into a program:

I would be considered a student in one of the following groups:

If you do not qualify for one of the above, please select highest level of education:

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