Career Exploration

A critical part of career progression is reflection so that you can take any necessary action steps to maintain, change, or grow your career engagement. That reflection is what lead you to pursue the next level of education and must continue throughout your academics.

The tools below can help jumpstart your personal reflection. Remember you are welcome to schedule an appointment with a career counselor for more 1-1 support.


Interests: STRONG and MBTI assessments are available, please schedule an appointment to speak about these options. Alternatively, access and complete FOCUS on your own anytime. 

FOCUS Interest Quiz

Required Access Code: wcucdc

Skills: What are you core strengths? What could you work on improving?

Skills Evaluation

Values: Life and work values play a large role in job satisfaction. Can you identify yours?

Values Activity

Career Exploration

Take a deeper dive into careers. Find answers about work environments, salary, job outlook, and more.

O*Net Online

Occupational Outlook Handbooks


Career Summary Activity

Power of Connection

Networking can help you better understand career options while growing your career connectors. Check out the networking tab for more tips.

Find out what your fellow Golden Rams have done after graduation and how they define success.

Career Outcomes

Growing Experience

Many graduate programs have a structured experiential learning experience that is built into the requirements for the degree. Consider the fact that this requirement is the same for all students and that it could be strategic to look for additional opportunities outside of the classroom to diversify your skills and demonstrate your abilities in the professional work environment.

Many graduate students pursue their education after starting their professional careers. Think about how you can incorporate your classroom learning into your current role to increase your responsibilities or contribute in a new way to your company. This will only help in building your resume and further leverage your education once you complete your degree.