New Computers & Devices

New Computers & Devices

Computers & Devices Available for Purchase

Information Services & Technology is excited to offer an enhanced line of supported Lenovo, Dell, and Apple products. Employees are encouraged to select a preconfigured, in-stock model but also have the option to request a Lenovo or Apple model with higher specifications. Laptops offer mobile versatility for use in classrooms, meetings, conferences, and working remotely or at different sites.

Standard Upgrade Options

Once it is determined your computer is eligible for an upgrade you will turn in your current computer. If you select a standard upgrade model computer for the upgrade it is available at no cost.

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Premium Upgrade Options

If you do not choose a standard upgrade model computer, premium upgrades require additional funding from your department cost center and will delay the installation process at least 2-4 weeks due to ordering/shipping process.

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Why do we standardize?

Vendor Knowledge

IS&T staff are trained to support Lenovo and Apple hardware and software.


IS&T utilizes a unified endpoint management system for mass deployment of standardized computer to WCU end-users. This digital workspace solution provides an efficient and effective process in delivering and managing large quantities of university owned devices and software.

Warranty/Replacement Parts

IS&T technicians are part of Lenovo's Self-Maintainer Warranty program, which means they are certified to conduct in-house warranty repair work on Lenovo products. Our Apple Certified Mac Technicians (ACMT), are also trained to effectively diagnose/repair Apple hardware and software.

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