MS and Certificate Program Requirements

Semester Course Offerings

Program Prerequisites

Prerequisite knowledge for the MS program will be a course in Multivariate Calculus. We have created a pathway that makes it convenient for students to fulfill all prerequisites. If a student has taken Calculus I or equivalent, they can take the new MAT243 over the summer, as an online asynchronous class. This class will cover all of the Calculus prerequisite topics, as well as an introduction to the topics needed from Linear Algebra. It will also be expected that a student will have completed an introduction to Statistics at the undergraduate level.

No background in calculus or other advanced math topics is required for the Applied Statistics Certificate. The only prerequisite for the Certificate Program is MAT121 or an equivalent introduction to statistics.

Extracurricular Events

For extracurricular events in the Applied Statistics department, and for new student orientation materials for Applied Statistics graduate students, please visit the Applied Statistics Events page.

Applied Statistics Events