Curricular Component Courses


Core Coursework

(24 credits)

MAT 500  Fundamentals of Applied Mathematics
MAT 548  Industrial Mathematics I – Continuous Models
MAT 549  Industrial Mathematics II – Discrete Models
MAT 552  Operations Research
MAT 553  Stochastic Modeling
MAT 554  Scientific Computing
STAT 505  Mathematical Statistics I
STAT 511  Introduction to Statistical Computing & Data Management

Industrial Mathematics Practicums

(6 credits)

MAT 555  Industrial Mathematics Practicum I
MAT 556  Industrial Mathematics Practicum II
** Completion of a summer internship in industry can be used to replace one of the two times MAT 555 is taken for credit, but not both.

Mathematics Electives

(6 credits)

Two 500-level MAT or STAT courses must be completed, one of which must be selected from the following list of existing courses:
MAT 514  Theory of Numbers
MAT 515  Algebra I
MAT 516  Algebra II
MAT 532  Geometry I
MAT 533  Geometry II
MAT 535  Topology
MAT 545  Real Analysis I
MAT 546  Real Analysis II
MAT 575  Complex Analysis
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