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James McLaughlin
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My Curriculum Vitae: PDF

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Here is a video of a talk I gave via Zoom at the West Coast Number Theory Conference on 12/17/2022.

Issue #2 of the Mathematics Department's magazine, Math Times , has been published. Yours truly did most of the editing and compiling of things together. A big thank you to everyone who contributed items. Enjoy!

"The Trustees Achievement Award recognizes distinguished scholarly and creative work by a current West Chester University faculty member: specific, original contributions to a discipline (as in a research study, monograph, scholarly paper, literary work, musical composition, or work of art), or a significant collective body of work. Emphasis is on the national and international contribution of the scholarly work."

I had held off on posting a link to the review of my book, Topics and Methods in q-Series, by David M. Bressoud on the AMS MathSciNet website. MathSciNet needs a subscription and thus the review would not have been freely available. However, Howard Cohl at NIST recently informed me that he had received permission to publish the full review in the latest OPSF newsletter, so I obtained the same permission*. Here is the

full review

(it may be necessary to hard refresh the page (CTRL + F5) to get Mathjax to work in order to properly view the math equations), and here is the concluding sentence from the review:

"Mc Laughlin has produced an admirable book, clearly and knowledgeably written, upon which one could build a challenging undergraduate seminar as well as a graduate course designed to lead toward today's research questions."

*This work was originally published by the American Mathematical Society (AMS) as the review MR3752164 in Mathematical Reviews / MathSciNet. See https://mathscinet.ams.org/mathscinet-getitem?mr=3752164. It is reprinted here by permission of the AMS.

New: MAA review of Topic and methods in q-series I just became aware that my book, Topics and Methods in q-Series, was given a quite favourable review by Michael Berg, Professor of Mathematics at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA, in MAA reviews on 05/23/2018.

"In closing, let me also note that Topics and Methods in q-Series, in addition to presenting such a wonderful sweep of deep and beautiful material, is very strong pedagogically. It’s very well written, in an accessible and clear style, the material dealt with is effectively motivated and discussed in a sound and rigorous manner, all the proofs are there, and McLaughlin gives the reader a large number of exercises to do along the way, as he travels these paths. Again, the expressions and formulas that pepper the pages of this book are at first sight daunting, but they do yield to persistent pressure, as per Andrews’ observation cited above. The language of q-series makes for some beautiful poetry."

New: Cellular Automaton While preparing some material for my MAT 413 Computer Algebra class, I discovered (or maybe rediscovered) a pair of quite interesting (at lease to me) cellular automata. If anyone has seen them before and can direct me to any information online, or published articles, about them, I would very much appreciate it. If you follow the link to the page I created about them, you will also find some open math questions about them.

Update (12/10/2018): I was today informed that the first of these cellular automata is well-known and extensively studied. A google search for "B1357/S1357", one of its official classifications, will bring up many hits. It is also known as "Replicator", and was discovered by Edward Fredkin.

The inaugaral issues the Mathematics Department's newsletter, Math Times , has just been published. Yours truly created most of the layout and "stitched" everything together. Its a little crude for a first attempt, but issue 2 will hopefully look a little more polished.

My (not so new) views on what should be included in school curricula.

Geremías Polanco, Barry Smith, Nancy Wyshinski and I are organizing a special session on continued fractions at the 2019 Joint Meetings in Baltimore.

My book, Topics and Methods in q-Series, appeared in print in November 2017. It is being published by World Scientific. It is available for purchase on Amazon and elsewhere.

Nancy Wyshinski and I also organized previous special session on continued fractions at the following meetings:

Pictures from the special session in San Antonio, and abstracts of the talks.
Schedule of the Phoenix special session.

Research Interests

My present interests are in the area of basic hypergeometric series and related areas, such as integer partitions.

I am currently also working on various problems related to continued fractions.

I have also investigated various convergence problems for q-continued fractions, and I and my thesis adviser, Douglas Bowman, recently partially settled a long-standing open problem on the convergence of the Rogers-Ramanujan continued fraction on the unit circle.

I am also interested in the problem of finding the regular continued fraction expansion of a number expressed in some other form (for example, as an infinite series or infinite product) and finding numbers with predictable patterns in their regular continued fraction expansions.

Another area of interest is the evaluation of polynomial continued fractions.

I am also interested in various problems in the area of Diophantine equations.

My Research Statement (years out of date, and these days I am more interested in basic hypergeometric series and related areas such as integer partitions, but I am leaving it here since I have nothing more current to replace it with): DVI PS PDF

My publications list on MathSciNet.


Fall 2017 Teaching Schedule:
Course # Course Name
MAT 151-01 (6238) Intro Discrete Math (Lecture)
MAT 151-02 (1984) Intro Discrete Math (Lecture)
MAT 411-01 (2018) Undergraduate Algebra I (Lecture)
MAT 515-01 (8082) Graduate Algebra I (Lecture)

Students can access course information through D2L.


My first book, Topics and Methods in q-Series, will be published by World Scientific, in their Monographs in Number Theory series.


Note that the preprint version of papers on this page will differ to some extent from the version which eventually appeared in print.

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  51. New infinite q-product expansions with vanishing coefficients - The Ramanujan Journal 55 (2021), no. 2, 733–760. You may be able to access it via this Springer link. If not, here is link to a preprint version: PDF
  52. m-Dissections of some infinite products and related identities - The Ramanujan Journal 59, pages313–350 (2022) PDF
  53. Further results on Vanishing Coefficients in infinite products of the form \((q^b,q^{p-b};q^p)_{\infty}^3(q^{jb},q^{2p-jb};q^{2p})_{\infty}\) (with Peter Zimmer) - Vol. 18, No. 08, pp. 1863-1885 (2022) The International Journal of Number Theory. PDF
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  56. On the vanishing of the coefficients of CM eta quotients (with Timothy Huber, Chang Liu, Dongxi Ye, Maiodan Yuan and Sumeng Zhang) - to appear in Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society. PDF
  57. Generalizations of some q-product Identities of Ramanujan and others (with Timothy Huber and Dongxi Ye) - to appear in AMS Contemporary Mathematics Proceedings on hypergeometric functions, q-series and generalizations. PDF
  58. Further Results on Vanishing Coefficients in the Series Expansion of Lacunary Eta Quotients  (with Tim Huber and Dongxi Ye) - Submitted. PDF
  59. Dissections of lacunary eta quotients and identically vanishing coefficients  (with Tim Huber and Dongxi Ye) - Submitted.  PDF
  60. Asymptotics and Sequential Closures of Continued Fractions and Generalizations (with Douglas Bowman)
    - submitted. PDF

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