Faculty Mentoring Program

Building and sustaining a mentoring culture on a higher education campus has been shown to play a critical role in faculty retention and success. The Faculty Mentoring Program (FMP), established in 2008, is open to all part-time and full-time academic and administrative faculty, as defined by the most recent CBA. The FMP offers three targeted programs to support faculty at every career stage: new full-time tenure-track faculty, faculty desiring to seek promotion, and adjunct faculty.

Program Mission

The West Chester University Faculty Mentoring Committee (FMC) fosters mentoring partnerships among faculty to enhance lifelong professional learning in teaching, scholarship, and service. 


  1. Create a self-sustaining program whereby faculty who have engaged in successful partnerships as mentees, in turn, become mentors.  
  2. To recruit faculty to the Faculty Mentoring Program (FMP).  
  3. To support faculty members at all ranks who are in a mentoring partnership from outside of their department. 
  4. To enhance mentoring partnerships by providing enrichment/professional learning activities throughout the academic year.

Dr. Jeffery Osgood, Interim Executive Vice President & Provost, shares his perspectives on mentoring.

Faculty Mentoring Committee

Faculty Associate:

Janneken Smucker


Committee Co-Chairs:

Ralph Sorrentino


Michelle Blake


Committee Members: Dan Baer, Yanan Chen, Tricia Davidson, Kim Doan, Laura Fiorenza, Alison Gardiner-Shires, Thomas Haughey, Megan Heckert, Lauri Hyers, Michelle Kensey, Anne Larrivee, Vipanchi Mishra, Innhwa Park, Merry Perry, John Pisciotta, Tina Selvaggi, Linda Stevenson