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Ben Liberatori, Computer Science, 2021

Why did you study Japanese language at WCU?

The comprehensive Japanese language courses offered here were one of my deciding factors for enrolling at WCU. I have had an interest in Japanese culture from a young age, but I had no substantial knowledge of the language itself prior to attending university, nor any idea of the best manner in which to go about learning it. I also wanted to potentially travel to Japan in the future, so I believed acquiring the relevant language skills would help me appreciate that experience more. I really enjoyed taking the introductory courses, and I discovered that studying the language also helped stimulate my desire to further my studies of the culture as well. Long story short, I liked studying Japanese so much at WCU that I eventually became an on-campus tutor and graduated with the associated minor by the end of it.

What have you done since graduating from WCU?

Since graduating from WCU, I was accepted into The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme. I am currently in my second year of living in Japan, and I have been teaching English at a Japanese high school. In my free time I travel the country, and continue to deepen my studies of the language and culture. The language skills I gained during my time at WCU helped make this all possible, and greatly assisted with transitioning to life in a foreign country as well.