How to Add Yourself to a Class's Waitlist

When a class you are attempting to schedule is full, meaning the enrollment capacity has been met, you may enroll yourself onto the waitlist. As enrollment fluctuates, a process in myWCU will attempt to enroll students on waitlists into those classes as seats become available. These instructions will detail how to search for and enroll onto waitlists. If you are already enrolled in a different section of the class you are trying to waitlist or have another class on your schedule for the same time as the class you wish to waitlist, be sure to enroll onto the waitlist using the swap option.

Tile navigation: Student Homepage > Classes > Add Classes

  1. From the Student Homepage, click on the Classes tile.
    Add to Class Waitlist 1
  2. From the menu on the left, click on Add Classes.
    Add to Class Waitlist 2
  3. Enter the term where you want to add classes, and search for the class using the Class Search function. When searching for the class, be sure to uncheck the Show Open Classes Only box. This will include classes that are closed and in waitlist in your search results.
    Add to Class Waitlist 3
  4. Click the green select button on the class that you would like to waitlist. The status of the class will have a yellow triangle denoting the waitlist status.
    Add to Class Waitlist 4
  5. The details of the class will be displayed and you will click on the green Select Class button.
    Add to Class Waitlist 5
  6. Make sure the Wait list if class is full box is checked.
    Add to Class Waitlist 6
  7. Before proceeding to step 2, make sure the class that you want to waitlist is checked and click on the green proceed to step 2 of 3 button.
    Add to Class Waitlist 7
  8. Click on the green Finish Enrolling button, if all looks correct, or click on the Previous button to go back and make changes.
    Add to Class Waitlist 8
  9. The confirmation will be displayed with a green check next to the class which indicates you were successful in enrolling on to this class’s waitlist.
    • Review the message to see your position on the waitlist; this is the order in which the system will try to enroll you onto the waitlist when a seat becomes available in the class.

    Add to Class Waitlist 9
  10. View your waitlisted course on your class schedule using the Class Schedule Filter Options. With the Show Waitlisted Classes box checked, you will see your waitlisted class listed. Click the green filter button to show schedule with filter option.
    Add to Class Waitlist 10

Additional Notes

  • Students may only waitlist up to 7 credits at a time.
  • Students will receive an automatic notification when:
    1. They are successfully moved from the waitlist and enrolled in the course.
    2. The waitlist process attempts to enroll the student, but is unable to because:
      • There is a time conflict with another course on the student’s schedule.
      • The student would exceed the maximum allowable credits for the term.
      • The student is enrolled in another section of a same course.
  • If the system is unable to enroll the student in position #1 into the class, it will attempt to enroll the student in the next positions until a student is successfully enrolled.

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