Submit Request for Change of Major

*Social Work students who need to change their location (campus) should now follow the instructions below:

Students can submit a request to change their major or add a new major or minor. The request will travel through a series of workflows until approval (or deny) is accomplished. If approved, the plan will be modified according to the request and an advisor will be assigned accordingly.

Tile navigation: Academic Records tile > Change/Update/Add a Plan

  1. From the student homepage, click on the Academic Records tile.
    Plan Change 1
  2. Click on the Change/Update/Add a Plan menu choice on the left side of the screen.
    Plan Change 2
  3. The current academic plan will be displayed along with current advisors.
    Plan Change 3
  4. Choose the action that you would like to make by clicking the down arrow to display the choices and click on your action.
    Plan Change 4
  5. To change the Major, click on Change Major and click on the down arrow to choose an existing major.
    Plan Change 5
  6. Choose a new major by clicking on the down arrow for the Department and make the choice which will show you the majors offered by that department when clicking on the down arrow for Academic Plan.
    Plan Change 6
  7. Once the correct choices for a new major have been made, click on the Submit button to begin the approval workflow.
    Plan Change 7
  8. In an abundance of caution, you are asked to double check your choices and given a chance to cancel the request if needed. Check the choices and if it is accurate and still wanted, click the OK button.
    Plan Change 8
  9. When the request is submitted, you will be notified in an email of the with the details of the request and a way to view its status.
    Plan Change 9

Content Manager: Registrar