Initializing Password for New Students

New students must initialize their myWCU password the first time they log into the Student Information System (myWCU). The student are given an initial password made up of the characters “WCU-“ plus their birthdate.

Navigation from Browser:>Menu>myWCU
Navigation from Acceptance Letter:

  1. You can use 1 of 2 ways to get to the password initialization screen.
    Way #1 - Click on the link in your acceptance letter ( or log into the West Chester University website.
    Initializing Password 1
    Click on the link to get to the Change Password page.
    Initializing Password 2
    Way #2 - Open the West Chester University website from your browser.
    Initializing Password 3
    Click on the Menu button.
    Initializing Password 4
    • Click on the Reset or Initialize your Password button.
      Initializing Password 5
      Click on the Initialize Password button under New Student?
      Initializing Password 6
  2. Enter your username in the box and click the Next button.
    Initialize Password 7Initialize Password 8
  3. Enter your Old/Current Password which has been assigned to you initially as WCU-mmddyy (your birthdate).
    Initialize Password 9Initialize Password 10
  4. Enter a new password in the New Password box following the requirements and enter it again in the Confirm New Password box. Click the Update Password button. If an error is received and you have made sure that your username is correct and your password meets the requirements, please contact the Help Desk at 610-436-3350.
    Initialize Password 11Initialize Password 12
  5. You can use this newly initialized password and login for these applications: Webmail, myWCU, and D2L.
    Initialize Password 13

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